Casino Rules

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During the card games you will be dealt cards from a 52-deck with the exceptions. These cards are dealt at tables with two to four players and a dealer. The players are challenging each other, yet the ultimate goal is to beat the dealer's hand. The cards are numbered from Ace to ten with the Ace being the highest valued card in the deck most times.

During the rounds the dealer may deal up to four cards possibly facing upward on the table, depending on the card game. The dealer's job is to announce the last card dealt in the round. The game starts with the left-side player and moves clockwise. The players at the table must use one card from the facing up hand, which is to capture the table cards.

Once the capture is finished, the players choose cards and faces them down in a pile, which initiates the next player to play his/her hand. Overall the rules of poker are straightforward. During the game and after the capturing of the table cards a card is discarded, which is known as the 'burn' card. No one can see this card.

If you are playing at a blackjack table, thus the point is to get 21 in card count without busting. If you bust you loose the game. During the match if you beat the dealer's hand you win the match, yet if you tie with the dealer you are at the 'push' level in the game, which the next round will start. An Ace and card valued at ten is an automatic blackjack.

All rules may change from Casino to Casino, but overall the rules apply in any casino you play in. Check out the rules before you get started so that you are clear as to how the games are played.